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Recipe Dump No. 1

May 15, 2010

I’ve been browsing pastry blogs – a dangerous pastime, I know.  Rather than have a bookmark folder with 5 million entries, I’ll just dump them all here in the odd post.  All blogs mentioned are in the links sidebar.

Recipes from “Bake or Break”:

Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies (I’m actually not a fan of the cake-y, frosted brownies, but this looks like it would be an amazing cake.  Also interested in baking w/mascarpone.)

Prosciutto Swiss Rolls (I love savory rolls…)

Recipes from “Tartelette”:

Candy Cane Macarons & Eggnog Macarons (Because I love love all things Christmas.  And it’s good to have a macaron recipe.)

Calamansi Mousse Tartelettes With Candied Kumquats (Mostly for the candied kumquat part – candied kumquats are so pretty.)

Coffee Chicory Macarons (More macarons…  I love the coffee streak!  And these will be perfect for the special Mardi Gras menu Despina will inevitably have.)

Mava Cakes (This is getting very Tartelette heavy!  I love Indian flavors, and these remind me a bit of canelés – another recipe I’d like to try some day…  When I can afford the molds!)

Recipes from “64 sq ft Kitchen”:

Weeknights Potatoes (Okay, maybe not exactly food for my imaginary coffeehouse, but oven fries that look that good are worth remembering.)

I think that’s enough for today!

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